The healthcare sector fell victim to more than 330 data breaches in 2017 – nearly one per day. Will you be next? Large-scale ransomware attacks like WannaCry (which hit 112 countries) struck the industry with a scary new reality: Hackers will find a way in and – regardless of safeguards taken — hospitals will get […]

Are you certain that your healthcare workers understand the risks to your PHI and other confidential information? A clinic in Baltimore thought theirs did, but they were proven wrong when they discovered their patient records were up for sale on the Dark Web.   In 2016, a Baltimore substance abuse treatment facility was hacked. Their […]

Bring your healthcare practice into the future with cloud computing technology. As the demand for better healthcare rises in the U.S., more healthcare organizations are utilizing cloud computing. There’s been an increase in demand for healthcare services due to aging populations and the growing prevalence of chronic diseases. Healthcare providers are experiencing cost pressures from […]

Short answer? No. Despite what you may have been led to believe, there’s a big difference between compliance and security. IT compliance and security are not the same. IT Security refers to the best practices and IT solutions used to protect your technology assets, information, and data. It’s the process of implementing specific measures and […]