With the increase in social media popularity, professionals in the healthcare industry are seeing new and alarming trends. Healthcare workers often post about their workday on sites like Facebook. They may even post photos of their friends at work. We’ve all seen photos of a group of friends at a hospital or clinic goofing around. […]

Today’s advances in telemedicine are exciting. People can now track their health and fitness with a watch. Blood sugar can be monitored with small hand-held devices. The sensors on a mobile phone can monitor your blood pressure. There are smartphone apps to help people with almost every type of health condition. Though all these technological […]

Dermatology, like other areas of medicine, has experienced and continues to undergo enormous changes in both technologies and in medicine and procedures. Dermatologists and other experts involved in skin care, attribute much of this transformation to fundamental improvements in medicine. With today’s innovative advancements in skin care, people can now get relief from age-old problems […]

Is Your Organization Prepared? Today’s networked medical devices can be a lifesaver for many. Both wired and wireless technology allows healthcare workers to access the information they need to provide improved therapies and ensure patient compliance. The Internet of Things (IoT) is one giant step forward in this regard. It can eliminate the use of […]

A recent cybersecurity survey shows that overall healthcare approaches to cybersecurity have improved in recent years. Most organizations have embraced their need to protect their data from intrusion. A study conducted by Mountain View, California-based Symantec and HIMSS Analytics[1] found that healthcare organizations are showing improvements in risk management strategies. Although their efforts have still […]

The U.S Food and Drug Administration (FDA) has recently launched their Medical Device Safety Action Plan whose main focus is to give assurance in the safety of connected Medical devices. The organization has put its main focus on patients relying on medical devices as seen from their Medical Device Safety slogan: ‘Protecting Patients, Promoting Public […]

In our modern world today, most of our electronic devices can be connected to the internet, sounds good, right? Some advanced technology recently introduced medical devices that can connect directly with health organizations through the internet. This is a great milestone since consultations can be done from miles away and immediate help afforded to patients […]