Recently healthcare providers have moved toward Cloud services to assist them with better service delivery. The fact is that the Cloud has gained popularity in healthcare. Some organizations that provide healthcare services are still not convinced that the Cloud is the way to go, but those that want to remain relevant have already made the […]

The Cloud offers quality, timely, and affordable services by doctors to their patients. It is a platform that enables users, in this case, doctors and patients, to have real-time consultations without necessarily having to go to the doctor’s office. This is made possible due to the Cloud features that are available on most devices with […]

The Cloud is a type of advanced technology that allows information or data to be stored online. In the healthcare industry, patient records and data are stored in the Cloud because it’s much more convenient; data is accessible from any device or location. This information may include clinical information, patient diagnoses, test results, pharmacy information, […]

Healthcare practitioners such as doctors and specialists rely on information systems to diagnose and intervene in a variety of clinical conditions and settings. Recently, technology has allowed corporations to integrate cloud-based innovations to bring about the needed efficiency in the development of sustainable growth among healthcare institutions. Increasingly, users of healthcare services have showcased a […]