Healthcare workers are stressed. Physicians have burnout and the highest suicide rate among the traditional professions. Nurses somehow soldier through it all, but everyone in healthcare who provides support to physicians and nurses feels the stress. A few innovations, like medical scribes, have eased the burden a bit and let physicians focus more on the […]

New grants from Health and Human Services are aimed at boosting the health information technology for smaller hospitals. The United States Health Resources and Services Administration (HRSA) is awarding $125 million in grants to community health centers to, among other functions, improve their use of health IT in primary care. Healthcare By The Numbers Community […]

Microsoft’s Azure cloud service recently suffered a major disruption at one of its data centers in Texas. A truly epic lightning storm caused even the backup generators to go offline. Every time the center struggled back to a semblance of normal operations, another round of thunderbolts blew through and the center was offline again. It […]

You may have an EHR system, decision support systems, purchasing, payroll, laboratory, pharmacy, personnel, finance, planning, and a myriad of other systems running on hardware that’s getting very long in the tooth. Many PCs are still running some older version of Windows. These issues can be a constant source of security headaches for the IT […]

What’s smart about a smart home? Well, you can talk to it. You can tell your phone to tell the oven to turn itself down to 200 degrees. You can tell your thermostat to drop the nighttime temperature to 68. You can start the car from the upstairs guest bathroom. And so on. What you […]

An Inspector General’s (OIG) report from the Federal Department of Health and Human Services (HHS) finds that Maryland failed to secure its Medicaid Management Information System (MMIS) against several avenues of attack. What Security Violations Did Maryland Commit? The report, available in summary form at OIG Report on Maryland MMIS Security, does not go into […]

Those of us who are in the know about artificial intelligence (AI) in medicine no doubt know that IBM’s efforts to use its Watson system in healthcare have been a mixed bag at best and many of the engineers working on the project have been laid off. What went wrong? Watson did so well on […]

We all know about Food and Drug Administration (FDA) food recalls. Remember the ban on romaine lettuce from Arizona? That was finally tracked down to a contaminated irrigation pipe. Quite a bit of tainted lettuce was eaten or discarded before that happened. The FDA is in charge of more than just food. It also regulates […]

Why are Tech Giants Diving into the Health Care Business? In a report by Christian Holz and Edward Wang of Microsoft Research, the researchers revealed that Microsoft is creating eyeglasses that measure blood pressure. What Microsoft is calling Glabella, the glasses are equipped with optical sensors hidden inside the frame. These sensors can recurrently measure […]