You Never Know What The Future Holds.

The good comes with the bad, and preparing your organization to face the bad is a key role of the business leader.

What are you doing to protect your online assets – data, applications, files, and databases – from unexpected circumstances that impact your ability to utilize them locally?
Fire. Theft. Flooding. Extended power outages.

Any of these things could drive your company out of business if you aren’t prepared to weather the unexpected.

You Never Know What The Future Holds
87% Of Businesses Across The Country Are Targeted Each Year By Cybercriminals.

This means that there is a real risk of data loss, damaged reputation, and lost business for your company.

Threats such as malware, spyware, and ransomware can cripple your business and endanger your employees’ livelihood.

How Does Alltek Services Backup And Recovery Work?

We install an on-premise device that backs up your files, documents, spreadsheets, databases – even your operating systems and personal settings – as often as every fifteen minutes.

As a redundant backup, we then store all of that information offsite in a secure cloud environment.

If you do face a situation where your local backup is compromised, we can then get you running again quickly by leveraging the cloud backup either at your location or wherever you can access the internet.

Services Backup And Recovery Work
What Benefits Does Backup And Recovery From Alltek Services Give Your Business?
  • Your backup processes are monitored 24/7/365 to ensure success and prevent data loss before it happens.
  • Your business continuity solution is tested regularly to guarantee your data is safe and easily recovered.
  • Your data can be restored quickly and efficiently, regardless of the situation
  • Your data can be backed up as frequently as every 15 minutes!
By Partnering With The Alltek Services Team, You Set Your Business Up For Continued Success…

Even if it is targeted by crime or suffers from a human error incident that causes an extended IT interruption.

We provide a service that will quickly restore your ability to do work at your facility, or if needed, we will get you up and running in the cloud so you can work from anywhere you can access WIFI.

Tomorrow is uncertain.

But we can give you the certainty your company needs to move through unexpected IT interruptions without missing a beat.

Let’s get started! Contact us at (863) 709-0709 or