Are you strategically positioning your business into cloud services?

The wise leader of any organization has no choice but to grapple with the hard topics to decide the best strategy for his enterprise moving forward.

Switching to cloud services is one of these “hard” (not really) strategic choices that forward-thinking leaders across all industries are making.

Alltek Services understands how overwhelming the move to cloud services can seem.

We’re here to help – and to make migration to the cloud easy for you.

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Strategic Advantages to the Organization

Cloud computing is not just a new way of doing the same old things. It is a completely new platform from which new things – and new ways of doing old things – can be imagined and implemented.

Here are a few of the organizational strategic advantages of Alltek Services cloud services:

  • Computing Power – The cloud has the capacity to activate tens of thousands of CPUs. The effect is a virtual super-computer that can quickly do the deep analytics of your data or process the ad-hoc queries that you require.
  • Reliable Costs – The cloud services subscription model offers the strategic advantage of low-cost, low-risk opt-in combined with a simple, predictable monthly fee.
  • Agility / Flexibility – Cloud services have the unique strategic characteristic of being able to stretch or shrink to suit your current level of demand. This is especially useful for businesses of scale or companies that go through seasons of activity.
  • Time to Value – The rollout timetable of a startup or an established company transfer-to-cloud with cloud-based services is attractive strategically because it lands at 2-3 months as compared to an in-house implementation of 2-3 years.

Strategic Advantages for the Staff

We know that you absolutely love your staff and want the best working environment for them!

Fortunately for you, cloud services brings many staff-friendly strategic advantages to the table.

  • Real-Time Collaboration – With cloud technology, your staff doesn’t have to wait for each other to be “done” with their part of the document or project to tackle their aspect. They can all work on the same project at the same time!
  • True Remote Working Capability – By utilizing this feature you will give your employees the flexibility they desire to have a more balanced home/work life.
  • Free Up IT Employees – Your IT employees desperately want to be freed from administrative/maintenance tasks and be able to stretch their creativity to aid you with your strategic and innovation challenges.

It’s time to contact the Alltek Services team and make the smart strategic move toward cloud services!

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