You’re looking for an IT support company in Florida.

You’ve come to the right place! Alltek Services is here to give you seamless IT, 99.999% uptime, higher productivity, and complete HIPAA compliance. Want to maximize efficiencies, increase profitability, communicate effectively, and lead the way in your healthcare niche? It’s all about finding that extra edge. That one thing that will give you an advantage over your colleagues, and allow you to get home – or out to the golf course – sooner this Friday. We are that edge!

Leveraging the untapped potential of your existing technology will provide significant advantages to your healthcare business.
We provide the right information, guidance, and experience to achieve all your organizational goals – whatever they may be.
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Lakeland IT Services
it support lakeland

What makes Alltek special? – Why should I work with Alltek?

There are soooo many things we want to tell you here!
But let’s get the easy stuff out of the way first…
You already know that we know HIPAA compliance inside and out. In fact, we think that our HIPAA IT consultants can do this in their sleep by now! But we promise…no sleepwalking on the job. We’ll give you honest and reasonable assessments of your IT environment, make fiscally responsible recommendations, and work with your team toward full HIPAA compliance.

For our team, technology management is all about making your job safer, easier, and more productive.

And that’s what we’ve delivered to dozens of other medical facilities across Polk County – actually, all of Florida!
We provide long-term, win-win partnerships that result in a mutual trust and confidence.

We will monitor and maintain your entire IT environment to keep you running at full throttle, and our staff will conduct themselves with integrity and professionalism. That’s our promise to you.

it support lakeland

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